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This page covers benchmark tools and supporting documentation. It is currently limited to single-host configurations with access to local- or remotely-attached storage devices and/or subsystems. Closely-coupled, SMP configurations and parallel computing systems are not covered at this time.


The information contained herein is made available with no warranty of any kind. The user must be aware that it is their responsibility to review, test and verify for correctness, suitability and impact all information and software prior to use.


intel.com Benchmark and performance tests


Computer Systems
SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPC BENCHMARK-1 (spc-1) Designed to accurately demonstrate the performance and price/performance of network storage subsystems in a server class systems environment while performing theThe I/O workload in SPC-1 is characterized by predominately random I/O operations as typified by predominately random access applications (e.g., OLTP, database, mail servers)


AC&NC RAID.edu (lists multiple benchmarks for DOS, UNIX and Windows; see below)


Device and Subsystem (e.g., RAID)
SCSITool Diagnostic and benchmarking tool for SCSI storage devices
RAIDmark Measures the performance of RAID storage arrays
Qbench Quantum hard disk benchmark. Measures access times and data rates
COREtest CORE International disk benchmark


Disk and Storage Subsystem
Linux Benchmark Home Page Synthetic and application benchmarks for Linux as well as information and tools to tune and run them
LMbench File system creates and deletes. Storage is not the major focus
UnixBench Local file here.
AIM9 Measures the performance of individual resources. Open-sourced by Caldera
HOWTO Linux Benchmarking HOWTO
Linux Benchmarking Project Linux Benchmarking Project
Linux Performance Tuning Linux Performance Tuning
Powertweak Linux A program to tune your kernel and hardware for optimal performance
benchio Low-level SCSI disk read and write benchmark
dt Data integrity testing program (src, manual)
iotest v.3.1 Random disk reads and writes (src, doc, changes)
PostMark A File system benchmark by Network Appliance
tiotest Threaded disk benchmark program; multiple disk software RAID array and SMP systems


Bonnie++ Disk I/O benchmark
Bonnie v.2.0.6 Predecessor to Bonnie++
IOzone II Issues and then performs measurements on a variety of file operations
IOstone v.C/II Multiplatform disk, file I/O and buffer cache benchmark
Disktest in-line disk testing supported; caution: make disk-under-test unavailable to other users
IObench I/O throughput and fixed workload benchmark
IOCALL Focuses on measuring OS performance and system call efficiency
RawIO Low-level raw device benchmark (FreeBSD only)
IOGEN Provided by Symbios Logic, Inc. and ported to windows OS

Windows NT/2000/XP

Nbench Measurements: CPU, L1/L2 cache, main memory, disk read/write speeds
NTiogen 1.03 Displays the number of processes and their average response time plus the number of I/O operations and KBytes persecond per operation. Port of the Symbios Logic, Inc. UNIX benchmark:IOGEN
IOmeter Written by Intel; a disk I/O subsystem measurement and characterization tool for single and clustered systems. It measures performance under a controlled load
Bench32 v.1.21 Measures overall system performance under winNT or win95. No longer supported (company out-of-business)
ThreadMark Originally developed by Adaptec; no longer supported.
HDTach v.2.61 Shareware/commercial disk I/O benchmark. Hard disk drive performance test for win95/98/NT

PerformanceTest v.3.5 Includes reading, writing and seeking within disk files
BurnInTest v.2.3 Burn-In test for hard disk drives; reliability and load testing
System Analyzer v.5.2n Information retrieval

US Government Supported

NERSC National Energy Research Scientific Computing; NAS Serial Benchmark Performance
HINT Technology Labs is a new company formed to make HINT useful to a broader user community
BenchWeb A starting point for finding information about computer system performance benchmarks, benchmark results, and benchmark code


Hard Disk Performance, Quality and Reliability
pcguide.com High-level description of hard disk performance, quality and reliability
Introduction High-level introduction that includes links to hard disk drive, bus architecture and utilities sites


www.storage.ibm.com Downloads and utilities